Learning does not get easier…

I’ve realized that learning new things doesn’t even get easier. I thought learning how to multiply was hard, but learning the intricate details of my new chosen employment is just as hard. You can tell when something is hard my the increasing pain and tension between your shoulder blades, well, at least that’s how I tell. Never left a math class without that pain. 

I’m coming into my new job during a time when everyone is trying to restructure. They restructured my job before I got it, they are restructuring the processes we go through, which means, my learning curve is double, learning what used to be and what is to be. 

My new habit? Meditative breathing and a bit a easy stretching… every time this pain builds up, I attempt to breathe it away.(and if that doesn’t work, I pull out the Beyer Migrane) 

But the point is, learning never gets easy, so there’s no reason to just suck it up and learning everything for as long as you can.