A Day (well, more like months) late.. but not a dollar short!

Life goes extremely fast, that may be the only lesson I’ve learned so far in my life, but it’s true. One day, you are a terrified high school senior packing all the crap you’ll never need into your families car and getting dropped off at your new room the size of a closet, and then you are a college senior, graduating Cum Laude, and moving 1500 for an internship. Finally, you finish your internship, you receive your diploma, and you start the job hunt. If any period of the last year felt the longest and most hopeless, it was the job hunt. but, YOU CANNOT GIVE UP. I learned this, I read job hunting self help books, and I kept at it. I even framed a rejection letter. You also need to think out of the box, I got a degree in Electronic Media Production, and when I went job hunting, no one was hiring, so I thought about what else I know how to do, and landed in Marketing. No, I didn’t go to school for it specifically, but I know how to write, make videos, do general office work, use Photoshop and video editing programs, and I know how to deal with people. I started searching within those ideas, and finally, after another round of fruitless hunting, I got signed up with a job agency, Robert Half Technology, and was in the running for the job I now hold, Marketing Coordinator, for Skyline Products, in Colorado Springs. They fought to help me get this job, they gave me tips, and got feedback during my temp period. These are the kind of things you need to look for. It’s not enough to have a good resume, and be persistent, sometimes, you can use someone else in your corner.