Weekly Round Up – The Help, Between Eden and The Open Road, and King Hall!

So, as it’s Friday, and the end of my work week, I figured I’d round up some of the books I recently finished and love, some of the books I’ve started and some of the books I’m excited to start reading! 🙂

Books I’ve read this week:

1. The Entire Fallen Trilogy by Lauren Kate (Yes, I became addicted and couldn’t help it, you start with the first book in this series, and I promise you, it will snowball, and you’ll want to read them all, which I have, this week. Hence the lack of posting)

2. Entwined With You by Sylvia Day (Yes, I know, mainstream romance novel at it’s finest, but I honestly can’t help reading books that are on some best seller list, I always feel like if I don’t read them, I’ve never have anything to bring up in conversation.)

3. The Help by Kathryn Stockett (I’m reading this along with one other book, Marked by P.C Cast & Kirsten Cast for my book club, I’ve previously read Marked and loved it and it’s series, but never read the The Help. I can honestly say I loved this book, and it kept me on the edge of my seat because you really pull for these characters)

Book’s I’ve Started and am in Love with!

1. Between Eden and The Open Road by Phillip Gaber – This book is great, I expected a novel, but what I got was an outstanding collection of prose and poetry, I’m more then 3/4 through this book, but I can honestly say the disaffecting tone in this poetry collection is refreshing and honest. I enjoy reading it because it feels truthful, gritty and real. It’s a great collection!

2. The Ashtray Volume 1 by Joan W Jones, Nicole Diver, Elizabeth Luna– This is a collection of short stories, firmly rooted in real life, and the things that you can experience in the bar scene and life in general in your college years and beyond. The voices of these authors are clear, beautiful and haunting. The book is outstandingly simple and complex at the same time, and the illustrations through the book really bring something extra to the table, I cannot wait to finish this book and give a full review, because I’m sure a lot of people will be eager to read this.

Book’s I’m excited to Start!

25 Perfect Days by Mark Tullis – This is a collection of poetry set in the distopian future, and mixing in religious and other things that have lead out civilization to where it currently resides in these poems. I’ve been waiting to finish my other poetry collection in order to start this one! So excited!

2. King Hall by Scarlett Dawn – This book looks amazing, and I’ve super exciting to have ARC in order to review it, because it it just up my alley. Supernatural, romance, vampires, shifters! It’s got everything a fantasy lover like myself could want in one book! 🙂


I keep forgetting to upload the recipe for the encharitos I made, but I’ll have it up soon with pictures! Also, a lot of great book news coming this way. I’ve got a few more good books in the list that I plan on sharing with you! 🙂 All different kinds and I’m super excited to get them read. I love reading, just so exciting.

Our next book club meeting is the 29th, and we’re discussing The Help by Kathryn Stockett and Marked by P.C Cast & Kirsten Cast. I’ve previously read about 5 in the House of Night series, and have enjoyed them quite a bit, so I was glad to see my book club suggesting all kinds of books. I think The Help and Marked are nice variation, and it’s good to allow people to to choose one of two books, or both and then be able to participate in the discussion of their book of choice, instead of focing people into books they aren’t interested in. 🙂 I’m exciting, it’s looking like we’ll have 7 people at book club, which would be a great number. I love meeting new people and it’s been so hard meeting people my age, as there’s basically none at my work, and I’m not in any other groups or clubs yet, though I’ve been looking into some on MeetUp!