Facing 25: What have I learned?

So, I have recently turned 23… which, then you say, how are you facing 25?! Two years goes by extremely fast, just ask all the people who have recently graduated from a 4 year college. It flies, and I’m trying to make sure that in two years, my apartment has furniture in it, I am putting enough aside in my 401k to get a match from my employer, and am still able to pay my bills, student loans, and hopefully aquire a car payment to lump into that. 

Lofty goals I know, but I’m trying to be smart, which is not easy. I love to buy things, I constantly think about going out to dinner, buying a new pair of jeans, or buying a free books from the Kindle store that I can’t get through library.

So what am I doing? 

I am reading blogs, especially those tailored for 20-30somethings, looking to learn to budget, save and invest. Like Money Under 30, which lets you sign up and sends you helpful planning tools as well as newsletters. I am adverse to saving, and even worse at telling other people no. I love to buy people gifts, and spend money on other people.

Oh well, once the hallowed halls of college kick you out, it’s a fun world, you face job hunting, rejection, entry level positions, health care plans, 401k, and life insurance plans! 

To anyone reading this still in college, please, please enjoy yourself, and remember, it sucks to be in school, but it sucks worse to start paying off student loans and feeling like you learned nothing, gained nothing but an expensive piece of paper. Luckily, I feel good about what I got from school, but I also know, I could’ve gotten more.

Oh well, I’ve got two years.. we’ll see if I get to where I wanna be. Check in with me Nov 16th, 2014, ok?