Launching my new portfolio site!

My new portfolio website will be able to be a one-stop shop for all things related to my career. The site houses everyone someone would need to work with me, contact me, or hire me. I’ve tried to organize it in the most logical manner, as to not overwhelm a potential client or employer. The site provides is the home base for all of my experience. I wanted one site to direct people to when looking for a potential virtual assistant and freelance clients when looking to be booked on a podcast as a guest, when looking for a job, and when potentially applying to a doctoral program. I wanted the website to reflect my skills, but also my personality.

Because of my variety of skills and experience, I had to divide the website up into a variety of section to be able to capture a true portfolio of my skills. There are tabs for my mission statement, about me, resume, my freelance information sheet, my portfolio, press releases I’ve worked on, client video projects, graphic design work, and my portfolio on YouTube. I also included my social media channels, and links to my blog focused on Marketing & PR, as well as my general interest blog. I also included links to other websites I’ve built, a link right to my Twitter feed, a list of websites related to my interests, a subscription to my newsletter and a contact form.

This website allows me to brand myself as a professional in a field and have a great way to showcase all my work and highlight accomplishments and exciting projects. I believe this website will be a great asset when applying for future jobs because I am able to show off how diverse I am, and my variety of skills. Sometimes it is overwhelming to try to include all the details on a resume, but I wanted to have a place where a potential person would be able to see all of my different skill sets but be able to go right to the aspect they wanted first.

In the future, I’m hoping to be able to add research projects I’ve done to this website to highlight my academic pursuits as I pursue the path with my Ph.D. I’m hoping to blog through the process of doing my Graduate thesis, and continue blogging throughout my doctoral program, and including blogs dealing with thought leadership in my area. I’m hoping to be able to get a professional headshot and add them to the page as well, and potentially have the ability to work and publish a few different papers and include a tab on my site for published work.