Review: Earths in Space Volume 1 by Daniel Sherrier :)

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Earths in Space Vol. 1: Where Are The Little Green Men?


Grade: A

Earths in Space Volume 1 is two novellas. Set it the future, on a ship that visiting planets they believe to be as similar to Earth as possible, and finding out if there’s any intelligent life on them and if they would pose a threat to our Earth.

In the first story, Liberty of Death, the crew investigates their first planet. The air is just like Earth’s air, and the grass is just like Earth grass, but what Amena, the main character, didn’t expect was to find humans, just like on earth. What they didn’t expect was the 4 gods that controlled the population.

Amena and her crew have to decide if it’s worth it to get involved in the lives of these other humans, or leave them to their own path.  What follows is a great little Sci Fi Adventure, and some true American values!   Saving Earths on at a time!

I loved this story, I thought the character reactions were so truthful, and this ideas so interesting. I really like posing the question of whether to get involved in the other Earth’s business or not, and how people react to that! 

In the second story, The End of An Earth

There’s another mystery and the team has to ban together to decide what to do! 🙂 The sci fi elements, along with the technology and the descriptions of the earths, are outstanding. It’s so interesting so see where we believe societies would be, depending on the time they are alive and external forces.

This second story is a little dark, has a little more of a twist, but never the less interesting!

Overall, these stories are cleverly written, well thought out and interesting. The author definitely knows his science, because the ideas behind the science of this novel seem sound enough that unless you know a lot about space travel and teleportation, you wouldn’t question it.

I loved these stories, and can’t wait to see what’s next for the Patrick Henry in future volumes! 🙂

** I have been given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.

***Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official. For more information regarding our reviews please visit our Fansite: ***

Xianne: A Comedy of Cultures: Volume One Review! Wild!

Currently I read this book, as a reviewer for, Julies Book Review. It’s a sexy comedy, set in the far off future, where daily life is a lot different!

Grade: B+


Xianne: A Comedy of Cultures Vol. 1 is a strange, strange escape from our modern day world. Nothing could be further then where this book takes us. A fascinating, expensive spaceship has just docked at the space station, and Jim, our main character, plans to join the crew of this ship, captained by the mysterious, illusive Tom Duncan. He plans to see the solar system and learn a bit more. Unfortunately, Jim is the only member of the Xianne who is here for that reason only.

Jim, our main character, pretty normal, but he has one quirky attribute, he’s Nay, he has no sexual preference, and would prefer to leave all sexual stuff out, which in our world wouldn’t be an issue, but in the world of Xianne, and they are a hyper sexualized, porn world. Everything from every good and bad porno we have now is common place discussion and actions in this future society. Nothing is too taboo, and Jim is now stuck in a situation where everyone’s main concern is sex and his is definitely not. The three other characters we meet, Suki, Kiera, and Sax, the other lucky three who can’t wait to board to Xianne, and each other. The captain and his doctor wife are also both more than happy to let these four on the ship, and in their beds. Partners swap around so fast in this book it’s hard to keep up!

The whole comedy is sexually charged, and quite over the top. It’s funny, sexy and a definite comment on society today. It’s freeing, a definite change from our current society, in some ways for the better, and some for the worse depending on your school of thought. Jayce Grayson has a witty writing style, a great grasp of comedic timing, a completely dirty mind. Those have come together to create a novel with just the right mix of humor, sex, and satire.

I will definitely be looking into Volume 2, just to see how Jim fares in this crazy world!

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Four out of Five Stars

*I was given a reader copy in exchange for an honest review!