St Charles at Dusk

Day 15: Book That Will Make a Fantastic Movie – Protected, Hopeless, King Hall and more!

Ohhhh man, this one is super hard because I’ve read so many amazing books recently by indie authors that I’d love to see on the big screen, so I’m just going to make a little mini list!

King Hall by Scarlett DawnΒ 


Protected by Anna Applegate


Branded by Abi & Missy


The Risen: Dawning by Marie F Crow


Casted by Sonya Loveday


St Charles at Dusk by Sarah M. Cradit



Hopeless/Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover




These are a few of the books I’d love to see have a chance at the big screen! They are wonderful stories, well written, interesting!

Don’t hate me if your book didn’t make the list, I have read so many more I could list but it was only supposed to be one and I’m cheating anyway! But honestly, they are amazing! Click on the links and check them out!

Day 5: Book Currently Reading: Tougher then the rest, Jack Cannon, Killer of Lions and more!

Books I’m currently reading:


St. Charles at Dusk – Sarah M Cradit


I’m finally getting around to reading the wonderful Sarah M. Cradit’s books! She is an outstanding author, and an all around amazing person! These stories are well written, interesting, and described so beautifully! πŸ™‚ Check out her page here!

A Killer of Lions – Stan Weisleder


I’m reading this one for a review for Say What Savannah Mae! It’s actually very interesting, well written and a change of pace from the normal fiction I read. It follows a characters journey to become a African american pilot in the Air Force. It’s well researched, and interesting, and I can’t wait to finish this story and see what happens! πŸ™‚

Tougher Then The Rest – Shirleen Davis


This one is for a review I was asked to do on my blog, and I’m a little behind! I promised to have it up in June, and sadly my reading skills did not allow that to happen. This is a romance novel, set in the Arizona territory, Cattle rancher Neill is torn between making the decision that’s good for business and the decision that’s good for his heart! The lovely Kate, has lost her memory and only wears a gold band, but has no memory of a husband or kids, but all she can think about is Neill. This book is well written, interesting, and the characters are quite well developed! πŸ™‚

Jack Cannon’s America Destiny by Greg Sandora


I’m reading this as a reviewer for Nerd Girl! πŸ™‚ This book is an action book, with great characters, and a strong storyline, I’m just in the beginning so you can click the links to check out the description more and see if this would be a book for you! It quite good so far! πŸ™‚

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay –Β Michael Chabon


This is the book my book club chose for this month. Did I mention I started a book club as well? Yep, Downtown Colorado Springs Bookclub! πŸ™‚ 20-30-40 something people meeting, eating, discussing books πŸ™‚ So on top of all my reviewing, my wonderful full time job, and my tiny bit of free time, I also have a book club book to sneak into the line up each month. This book won a Pulitzer Prize and so far is quite interesting! Check the links to see more! πŸ™‚

So as you can see, quite busy! πŸ™‚

Check out Tiffany’s Book Hangover for what she’s currently reading today! πŸ™‚

Author Spotlight: Sarah M. Cradit – House of Crimson & Clover Series @thewritersarah

So, I am a new street team member for The House of Crimson & Clover Series, and honestly, I’m a little behind because I’ve only been able to read the first book, and I haven’t shared my love of this author’s writing yet! πŸ™‚

Sarah M Cradit is one of those writers that writes outstanding fiction, and is just as wonderful and pleasent with her fans online as possible! This lady is an amazing author and sweetheart. You don’t always get both is authors, but it seems we get lucky in the indie genre, because we get great authors! πŸ™‚

I just wanted to take a minute to highlight Sarah and her series! This way, once I start blogging about the first and second book, you guys will already know what’s going on! πŸ™‚


Author: Sarah M. Cradit

Sarah is the author of the Southern Fiction series, The House of Crimson and Clover. The series was born of her combined loves of New Orleans, family dramas, and the mysterious nature of love and desire. Her books combine elements of mystery, suspense, intrigue, romance, and even paranormal. She is always working on the next book in the series, and absolutely loves connecting with her fans.

Sarah lives in the Pacific Northwest, but has traveled the world from Asia to Europe to Africa. When she isn’t working (either at her day career, or hard at work at writing), she is reading a book and discovering new authors. The great loves of her life (in order) are: her husband James, her writing, and traveling the world.


Sarah M. Cradit Online:





tiemline photo3

The House of Crimson and Clover Series

The House of Crimson and Clover series follows the lives of two New Orleans families: the august and mysterious Sullivans and Deschanels. The Sullivans, a family of hard-working Irish lawyers, have come from nothing and built a life they can be proud of. The Deschanels, a moderately wealthy family who became extremely wealthy by siding with the North during the Civil War, betraying their people. Both families have a dark and rich history, full of secrets, and full of surprises.

The books in this series unravel the stories of both the individuals as well as the families themselves, discovering the ways these families and their secrets intersect, and each story pulls us even farther into their stories.

While the series is meant to be treated as one long narrative, each book can stand-alone and be enjoyed without having read the other books.

The House of Crimson and Clover Series Online:

Home Page & Overview:




Also, in honor of Sarah’s birthday, there’s a big 99cent sale on her books! πŸ™‚

”Β I honor of my birthday week, I am running a 5-day sale where BOTH St. Charles at Duk and The Storm and the Darkness are just 99 CENTS! This price on Darkness ends August 5th! This is a great chance to snag both books at a great price. Please share with your friends!”