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Review: Hostile Contact by Tamara Callaway



When Symone is faced with a stranger infiltrating her life, she finds herself wondering who can she really trust? Much of the evidence is pointing to her best friend and a new man that’s pursuing her,… leaving her confused and afraid.With the danger proving to be more serious than she had first believed, Symone has no choice but to put her trust in the one person she wanted nothing to do with.


Reviewed by Catherine for Sunshine & Mountains

Grade A

Hostile Contact is a love story filled with heaps of suspense and drama. The drama keeps you coming back for more. You will fall in love with the characters and leave you wanting to read the sequel.   The love that develops between Symone and Trevor is awe inspiring. To see them go through so much and coming out together and stronger is heartwarming.
I love mystery and suspense books, this one is right at the top of my favorites. I love the way the author keeps you intrigued from page to page. I thought I had it all figured out but then was thrown for a loop every time until the end.
** I received this book in return for a honest review. **


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About Author:


Tamala started writing as a dare and a favor to her children, at the time their ages were 15 and 6 years old.

Always a storyteller, she would make everything around her come to life and became the center of attention in her family as the characters would seem so real.

Requesting a story plot from her oldest daughter, Tamala began to write based on characters developed by her teenager and the story spiraled from there. 7 full novels later, Tamala had a series by the name of SuperNatural that was based in her hometown and featured witches, werewolves & vampires.

Wondering if she could write in another genre, an idea hit her after being pranked by her younger brother, the Hostile series was born. Hostile Contact & Hostile Vengeance is a suspense, thriller, romance that has taken off unexpectedly.

Her writing is fast paced and only slows down enough to let you catch your breath every now and then. She’ll always have you wondering, worried, anxious, and spellbound, unable to wait for the next chapter. If you love emotional reads, page turners, you’ll love her writing style in both genres.

Tamala is married, with two daughters, now 19 & 11 and takes her inspiration from her family, friends, & surroundings.