The Risen Remnants

#Cover #Reveal! @MarieFCrow ‘s The Risen Courage! This cover will blow you away!

So today, I’m extremely excited to show you the new cover for the soon to be released, The Risen Courage by Marie F Crow. This book is supposed to be emotional, or so the lovely author has been teasing us with facebook quotes such as:

“There are so many deaths in this book, I feel like I should be in a confessional asking for forgiveness.”

“Courage stands at around 102’000 words right now. Editing has a way of adding a few 1’000 more as I fill in the words my fingers ignored or round out scenes with more dialogue. I hope it will be as good for you as it has been for me. Yes, I’m fully prepared for the anger it may inspire. It just means readers are as invested in these characters as I am. Truth be told, I’m a little angry at myself for this one.”

“I’m at a very interesting part of ‘Courage’. I’m not sure which way the story will go. I guess the real dilemma is, how many more funerals do I want Chapel to have to hold?”

I mean honestly, how do you handle this!? Well, by looking at this amazing cover!

RisenCourageCover RisenCourageBack

How badass is this? I am beyond excited for this book, despite the authors depressing teasers, because I know Marie F Crow has got a plan and a point, and because real life doesn’t end happy, why should books? I hope you are all as excited as I am, and stay tuned to the blog for my review coming very soon, and more information on the release day for this amazing novel!

Also, just another reminder, while you are waiting for Courage, The Risen Remnants is currently FREE until end of the day today on Amazon, so swing over and pick up a copy, and encourage your friends to do so too! 🙂

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