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Product Review: Daily Beauty Control Tweezers by Mark Gouger

Today I’m excited to bring you a product reveiw I got in exchange for honest review!



In our household, tweezers are always missing, so we continuously buy more, and we’ve had some terrible terrible ones. We often buy cheap ones knowing they are going to disappear anyway, but when I saw this GORGEOUS set on Tomoson, I had to request it!

So, here’s a few pictures, the tweezers have three types:

Flat tweezers


Slanted Tweezers


Sharp Point Tweezers


  **My Review **


I Loved this set! It’s perfect for everything I need! I’m big at using tweezers to fix my eyebrows at home, so having this set of all different styles have been perfect! We’ve all ben using them in this household!

The quality of the leather packaging is really nice. It looks classy and professional. If I did makeup for a living, this would be something I’d be proud to carry around because it’s so good looking!image8

They are a very tough quality, they won’t break down easy like some other brands and for the price they are very worth it! I’ve gotten one pair of crappy tweezers for $10, and this is a gorgeous high quality set for $37? Plus, it’s Prime! Who doesn’t love that! Overall, outstanding! I’ll probably buy another set to send to a friend because the quality is so good!

Check them out on Amazon!