A Poem: Drifter

(It’s still in editing stages)

You drift in and out with the tide, 

you change effortlessly, 

I am helpless in your undercurrent. 

I fight my head above your water

and time passes endlessly,

I with it drift to you, 

from you finally

shaking free the weight of your water, 

reminding myself

how dangerous playing in such unchangeable waters.

I lay basking in the sun, 

Finally I’m arid.


It begins again, 

you flow in through,

waves of longing,

siren song of uncharted waters, 

tempting me to drive back in, 


the sea will catch me.

I dip my toes,

check the temperature. 

There’s warmth

dances along the surface, 

but as I wade further, I feel the familiar cold. 


You will never change, 

reasons buried in all that water. 

I would’ve submerged myself in you, 

given over to your power, 

allowing you to consume and drag me under, 

but you refused, 

you wait till I am all but under and you strand me ashore, 

wondering what I missing that you need.


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