Young Adult Review: Alex The Cat by Dina Porell

Alex The Cat


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A short story for older children, Alex the Cat is the tale of a little cat who has to grow up tough. He faces abusive humans, fierce strays, and hungry nights and he never expects to find a loving home.




This is a wonderful book. No, this book is not a children’s book. It falls into the category of young adult, maybe 8-15 would be good ages. This isn’t a perfect happily ever after story, it’s a story that’s full of information and struggle.

Alex, the main character, a young cat is born into a happy family. They live together. The trouble in the story begins when the food starts be become scare. Too many stray cats, not enough food. As the story progresses, Alex goes on a journey for food and friendship and there’s a lot of tough lessons along the way.

This book is sad, there’s no way around that but it’s also accurate and truthful, and shows what life is like for animals that don’t have a home. It’s a great read for a older child or young adult so they can have a better understanding of what taking care of an animal means, and the responsibility you have.

Reading this from the cat’s perspective was unique but also even sadder then before because it’s so realistic and luckily has a pretty good ending, after all the struggle Alex goes through.

It’s a well written, well organized story with a wonderful message that might be hard to hear at first but should reach more people!

** I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review **

About the Author:


Dina Porell was born in 1984 and grew up in Cairo, Egypt. She graduated from business school majoring in business administration. She started traveling at the age of 24 and moved to South Korea in 2010, where she met the love of her life and married him. Her first two books are about Egypt, because she is passionate about her country.

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