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Imperfection (Pure Blood)

At the center of a war brewing between two packs: her son

Meara Falk always followed her parents’ rules, until one night in March when the temptation to let loose changed her life forever.

Nine months later, disowned and with a baby on her hip, she discovers werewolves exist after being on the wrong end of some teeth and claws. During her first change, werewolves attack, stealing her son and driving her out of her home.

Now she’s looking for the man who kidnapped her baby and turned her life upside down. Meara’s son is in the middle of a threatened war between two powerful packs. Getting him back will jeopardize the lives of everyone she loves.

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Imperfection Excerpt

The moon called to Pure Pack. This full moon felt like it had a stronger pull than normal to Aren. It must be because one member of the pack is not here. I will have to check on Randolph’s progress with the human soon. Since Randolph had failed the snatch-and-grab, he was attempting a more subtle approach this time. He stayed closer to Miami tonight in the event that he had an opening to grab Aren’s son.

Aren had been waiting decades for a female to be born of the pure line. When he was saved by Odur during the raids in 797 AD, he had had no idea that females would not be saved as well. It made sense really. Why would Freyja or Odin want the souls of fallen women and children from raids? They all were running around screaming and crying all the time. There was no room in Valhalla or Sessrúmnir for people who would not be of any help during Ragnarok.

This Meara was the first female born of the immortal line, and he had waited long enough to begin breeding the army that would remove all the impurities from the werewolf ranks.

The pack all gathered in the Houston Woods State Park for their monthly ritual. They were the only pure pack as far as Aren knew. They didn’t take in mutts and made sure that they kept the lines pure by only breeding with the descendants of those originally cursed by Freyja, awakening their werewolf genes when they came of age. It might have seemed pretty simple really, but it took a long time to determine if someone was a descendant of the originally cursed ones. Technology was making things simpler, but even with it, the pack continued to have trouble locating them and then convincing them to join the ranks of the pure.

There were 62 members in the pack. Aren sensed each one through the pack bond as they came into the clearing. He had been told that they could sense each other when they were within a certain radius, but being the alpha had given him the ability to find each one whenever necessary.

The wolves paced around one another snarling and growling as the moon came over the horizon. Using the bond, he called them to form a circle around him.

“Oh great, Odur! We praise you for granting us the gift of near immortality. You rescued our ancestors off the field of battle and saved them from an afterlife of slavery and humiliation. We praise you for your kindness.”

He glanced around the pack to make sure that they were all listening carefully and controlling their wolves during this ceremony. One out–of-line wolf would disrupt everything and possibly bring the wrath of the Gods.

“We also thank you, Freyja. In your jealousy and rage, you cursed us to take wolf form. You gave us gifts of strength and heightened senses and placed us above the human race. Your curse has been a blessing, and we thank Odur for giving us the ability to choose our form. In both of your glorious names, we are now the supreme race. By the moon’s glorious beams, we give in to our curse and feast in thy honor.”

As the rays of moonlight crept across the ground, everyone stood facing the moon with their heads held high, letting the moon light caress their faces. In a silent agreement, each man began to remove his clothes and toss them into the trashcans nearby. Looking back to their alpha, he nodded to them that the time had come to shift. The shift for a pure werewolf was rather simple and painless, another gift from Odur. Each man fell to his hands and knees while his joints realigned. Their muscles grew rapidly, stretching their skin to its limits. When it looked as if they would burst from all the newly formed muscles, the skin sprouted hair. They all went from hairless dogs to fully furry in a matter of seconds. Their faces contorted as their noses collapsed and their jaws thrust forward. Their ears crawled up their heads and elongated to points.

As each man finished his transformation, he let out a howl to the moon and lay on the ground at the alpha’s feet. Aren always waited to shift until everyone else had finished. It was his way to show them that he alone could resist the call of the moon. He was stronger than all of them and feared no one. If someone felt the need to attack him during his transformation, he would prove why he was the alpha, which was not solely because he was the oldest. No one ever dared to try, but Aren was always ready.

When everyone finished, Aren stood before them and stripped off his own clothes. He then knelt on the ground and shifted faster than any other wolf here. What took them 30 seconds took him a mere ten. The shift complete, he walked among his wolves and cried to the moon again before running into the trees.

Time to hunt.



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About Phaedra Seabolt

Phaedra Seabolt is the youngest of four and the only girl. She spent her childhood trying to be the best she could be at everything she did which drove her to attend college long enough to attain her master’s degree. Now she is a stay at home mom and happily married.

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