Heirs & Spares by J.L Spohr – Review – Historical Read!

 Article first published for RebeccasReads

Wow! What a fun historical read! I love reading about kings and queens. There’s just something so much better about being royalty, then working a 9-5 job. But, “Heirs and Spares” by J.L. Spohr was one of those, where even though it’s written in the language of the time… you HeirsAndSparescan’t put it down! This book feels like a series, and I do hope it is, because I’d read the next one for sure.

King William is looking for love in this book, or really, just for a queen. He wants to marry a commoner, in order to win the love of his people, and so here comes Annelore! She’s not really pleased, but if she was, where would the story be?

This book has got historical language, kings, queens, spies, plots, and love..I’m not really sure there’s much more you could actually want in a book, but maybe if you write the author they’ll include it in the hopeful book two.

This book is fiction, but I thought the author did a really good job staying true to what 16thcentury life would’ve been like. There are no big plot errors, and it’s written well, so I’d say on the technical front, the author did a great job. It’s not a long book; it’s actually a pretty quick read once you are into it.

I’d really say that of all the historical fiction I’ve read, this one is up there with some of the best. It’s not an easy thing to weave history into fiction and keep it lively. We all remember history in school, it’s dry, it’s boring, but Spohr did a great job of weaving in the detail and language but leaving the boring, dry stuff at home. I was too busy trying to figure out if Robert was a bad guy, or yelling at Annalore to realize she’s got a good guy in front of her!

If you like history, true love, 16th century, or some intrigue, then this book is a good choice for you. I enjoyed that the steamy bits of this novel were faded to black as you could say. I’m not really a lover of romance books, so not having to deal with all the sexy bedroom time was just fine with me. I think that may be the only “criticism” from romance readers would be. I am really hoping for book two, and just waiting to read more from this world!

Heirs and Spares
J.L Spohr
J.L Spohr (2013)
ISBN: 9780989217316
Reviewed by Cianna Reider for Rebecca’s Reads (12/13)

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