Book Obsession: Meg Cabot

  Recently, I made myself a summer goal, since when you become an adult, summer break disappears, I didn’t want to lose the amount of reading I always accomplish over the summers, so I decided to read all the books Meg Cabot wrote for Adults & Young Adults. This makes up a pretty decent list of books.

    You may be wondering, why Meg Cabot? Well, as I was stumbling around the internet, I kept coming across books by her that I’d never heard of before. As the numbers piled up, I was shocked. It seems anymore, Meg Cabot is known for Princess Diaries, and even more so, just because of the movies. It’s a shame, I’ll tell you that right now, though I haven’t finished my quest, I’m already over halfway. Her books are witty, charming, and down to earth. Very similar to Sarah Dessen, who’s books I’ve always loved, but without so much heart wrenching drama. Her adult books are basically a romantic comedy in a book, especially the “Boy” series, and “Queen of Babble” but she also branches out with some interesting twists on supernatural in both adult and young adult.


I’m going to list all the books I’m reading/going to read/read here and give some notes of the ones I finished in case anyone out there is interested in her books! 🙂


The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries, Volume I (Read)
September 2000
So, I read this book, way back, probably in 2002 maybe. These books are great, the character is great, and yes, now that I’m in my 20s the plot is a little too young to be completely relevant, but it’s funny and awkward.
The Princess Diaries, Volume II: Princess in the Spotlight (Read)
June 2001

As these books go on, Mia keeps developing, and it’s funny to see her change, especially when she doesn’t even notice it herself in the books.
The Princess Diaries, Volume III: Princess in Love (Read)
March 2002

The love story in this book is sweet,it’s perfect for a book like this, because it almost makes you believe that these things happen. Micheal and Mia are adorable and her group of friends (which so many were left out of the movies) are hilarious in their own ways!
The Princess Diaries, Volume IV: Princess in Waiting (Read)
March 2003

The Princess Diaries, Volume IV and a Half: Project Princess (Read)
July 2003
The Princess Diaries, Volume V: Princess in Pink (Read)
March 2004
The Princess Diaries, Volume VI: Princess in Training (Read)
March 2005
The Princess Present: A Princess Diaries Book (Volume VI and a Half) (Read)
September 2004
The Princess Diaries, Volume VII: Party Princess (Read)
March 2006

 Hilarious book, Mia trying to be a party girl is classic!
Sweet Sixteen Princess: A Princess Diaries Book (Volume VII and a Half) (read)
May 2006

Valentine Princess: A Princess Diaries Book (read)
December 2006
The Princess Diaries, Volume VIII: Princess on the Brink (Read)
December 2006
The Princess Diaries, Volume IX: Princess Mia (Read)
December 2007
The Princess Diaries, Volume X: Forever Princess (Read)
January 2009

So notes on the above books aren’t needed, because honestly, you’ll either read the series or you won’t but this final book, this ending is wonderful, it’s perfect, and simple, and exactly what Mia needed all along and just in time! 🙂
Princess Lessons: A Princess Diaries Book (read)
March 2003
Perfect Princess: A Princess Diaries Book (Read)
March 2004
Holiday Princess: A Princess Diaries Book (read)
October 2005

Avalon High
Avalon High (Read)
December 2005

This book is awesome, if you like Arthurian legends, you’ll love it. I don’t want to say too much more, though you figure everything out pretty soon into the book, it’s funny, smart, and has just enough of history to keep your brain thinking as well. I really loved this one.

Avalon High 2: Coronation 
Book 1: The Merlin Prophecy (Haven’t read yet, finding the manga has proved to be harder then expected)
July 2007
Book 2: Homecoming (ditto above)
June 2008
Book 3: Hunter’s Moon (another big ditto)
September 2009

All-American Girl
All-American Girl
August 2002

Funny, cute story of a “real” american hero, this book has a cute romance and a cast of funny characters including a parrot and a shooter. It’s definitely a nice change, haven’t it set in D.C and the idea that youths care about the what’s going on in their country.

Ready or Not: An All-American Girl Novel (soon to start reading, sitting at home)
July 2005

Vanished/ 1-800-Where-R-You?
When Lightning Strikes (Have not read, still hunting this series down)
February 2001
Code Name Cassandra (Have not read, still hunting this series down)
August 2001

Safe House (Have not read, still hunting this series down)
March 2002
Sanctuary (Have not read, still hunting this series down)
September 2002
Missing You (Have not read, this is the only one I seem to find of this series)
December 2006

The Mediator
Shadowland (Read)
October 2000

Another reach outside of the typical chick lit book, as the main character is a mediator, as she can talk to the dead and to help them cross over.  Each book deals with a different ghost as well as her  complicated relationship with Jesse, the ghost
Ninth Key (Read)
February 2001
Reunion (Read)
July 2001
Darkest Hour (Read)
December 2001
Haunted (Read)
January 2003
Twilight (Read)
December 2004

Another great series ending, this book had an ending I didn’t expect and it made it logically make sense as well, which I didn’t think was going to be possible.

Airhead (Just started this one, no verdict yet!)
May 2008
Being Nikki (not read yet)
May 2009
Runaway (not yet)
April 2010

Abandon (read)
April 2011

I love this series, I have a love for the Persephone myth, and the different ways the original myth can be spun in modern literature  and I finally got to read this one ( I stumbled upon it about a year and half ago, and didn’t write down name or author and couldn’t find it again) and this re-imagining is quite good. Not the same cast of characters, but the story is interesting, logical and wraps you in fast.

Underworld (On Hold at Library)
May 2012

3rd in this series comes out in Sept I think! 🙂


Nicola and the Viscount (read)
July 2002

To be honest, I wasn’t crazy about these, basically historical teen romances, in a way, and nothing I’d enjoy reading again, written well, but just didn’t pop for me.
Victoria and the Rogue (Read)
March 2003

Same as above

Teen Idol (read)
July 2004

This book was funny, cute and kind of a teen dream come true kind of novel. I really liked it, and thought it had a nice overall message as well as some good characters.

How to be Popular (read)
July 2006

Funny book, the main character has been unpopular since she spilled a “big gulp” on the most popular girl in 4th grade, so she uses a How to be Popular book from the 50-60s in order to help her become popular again now that she’s starting highschool. Hijinks ensue and the lesson at the end turns out to be one a lot of people learn at some point or another.

Pants on Fire (Read)
May 2007

The main character is a liar, she lies about everything, constantly, without any real reason why. She’s just kind of stuck in this rut and though her life seems to be perfect, something is always missing, and throughout the book she finally figures out what’s missing and how to be honest, but between the beginning and the end, there’s a few laugh out loud parts.

Jinx (read)
July 2007

I had actually read this before I started my Meg Cabot goal, but remembered it was hers. It’s a interesting supernatural based novel, with a very clumsy main character. 

Insatiable Series

Insatiable (read)
June 2010

The vampire motif here is great, different then your normal twilight/true blood ideas because we deal with the head guy himself (well descendant of the head guy,not the head guy) and a love that may not be able to conquer all, but sure keeps trying.

Overbite (read)
July 2011

A good ending to the plot line, I would’ve liked it to be longer, give us a few more books, but it could have gone downhill that way as well, but I do enjoy the Vatican’s guard, who’s life goal it is to hunt down and eliminate all Vampires. It’s a nice addition to this series, and very Van Helsing modernized.

Queen of Babble

Queen of Babble (Read)
May 2006

Fashion, wedding dressing and England and France. A great kick off for a series. Funny characters, french chateau, wine. Plus a big wedding.

Queen of Babble in the Big City (read)
June 2007

Leaving France and hitting NYC, doing the post college “what will my degree get me” job hunt, with her wedding dress restoration passion. She’s determined, and in love, at least she wants to be.

Queen of Babble Gets Hitched (read)
June 2008

Job security is a luxury, and wedding dress business is a constant up and down, but trying to juggle two guys instead of one, makes it even harder. The perfect ending for the Queen of Babble and a love and a career she’s worked her butt of to get!

The Heather Wells Mystery Series

Size 12 is Not Fat (read)
December 2005

This series kicks butt, literally, and in the humor department as well. Heather Wells, former pop star, who’s mom & manger ran off with all her money, famous boy band boyfriend cheated on her and ended her engagement, now works at a dorm! And there’s been a murder..but there’s also a handsome P.I / roommate to help..

Size 14 is Not Fat Either (read)
November 2006

Death dorm, Heather Wells place of employment is not having any real luck, because murder keeps happening around this school ,and always happens in this dorm..
Big Boned (read)
November 2007

you get the idea about now, former pop star, hilarious, muder to solve, handsome P.I to help.

Size 12 and Ready to Rock (read)
July 2012

Well, the girl her former fiancee left her for is holding her “Rock Camp” in Heather’s dorm for the summer, well she was until a secret from Tayna’s past is causing death dorm’s reputation to stick around a little longer..but at least Heather has her P.I 🙂

Plus, “The Bride Wore Size 12” will be out in Sept!

The “Boy” Series

The Boy Next Door (reading)
October 2002

These books are rom com’s in a novel format. This one, guy moves in next door, pretending to be nephew of old lady who lived there who is now in hospital, as favor to the read nephew and falls in love with the girl next door, who saved the old lady, but she doesn’t know his real name… will it work out?!

Boy Meets Girl (read)
January 2004

Another rom com, Kate works in H.R, and fired someone without proper warning, per her boss, now they are being sued and Kate’s up to lose her job unless she plays along, but she didn’t expect a handsome, down to earth lawyer who wants help her tell the truth and maybe find love.

Every Boy’s Got One (read)
January 2005

Jane’s best friend is eloping to Italy, and only bringing her and her fiancee’s best friend. When it turns out the jerk that Jane met in the airport is the fiancee’s best friend and the 4th person for their romantic trip to Italy  Jane is livid. Handsome but arrogant  Jane has to keep the best friend from talking the groom out of this wedding, if she can!


She Went All the Way (read)
December 2002

Hilarious, screen writer and actor who can’t stand each other get into a helicopter crash due to an attempt on the handsome actor’s life. How will these two survive in Alaskan wilderness, hunted by assassins when they already want to kill each other already?

Ransom My Heart by Mia Thermopolis (read)
January 2009

Historical romance novel referenced in final Princess Diaries book. Interesting, not my favorite.


There you have it, my latest obsession! Let me know if you’ve read any of these! or any other good suggestions! 🙂

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