Blood of Kaos by J.D Miller – Review

Blood of Kaos by J.D. Miller

Magic Synopsis
One night Etain is torn from the world of her childish innocence and plunged into a realm of deadly chaos.  Forced to run for her life, she stumbles into the world of the Alamir, human warriors with the magic who defend the delicate balance between good and evil. Even they can not protect her from the Bok’Na’Ra pursuer that murdered her family.
Lord Darknight and Midr raised as brothers are the light and dark of one single soul. Midr has known of Etain’s existence most of her life and he wants to possess the power she holds. Lord Darknight is unaware of her when he rescues her after a violent battle. His duty is to train and protect her in the ways of the Warrior.
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Reviewed by Catherine for Sunshine & Mountains
A wonderful compelling read
This is a story that is centered around Etain, who has to face many challenges after faced with great loss. She has to learn how to use the powers she holds. She and her sister fall for the same guy and this guy is a demon. He has had a very hard life as well.  He and his brother are sworn enemies and they use the girls has little pieces in the battle they with each other. Etain has to endure so much through whole book, will she be able to survive?
All of the characters come together in very interesting ways. The dynamics and how things play out are very interesting. The internal struggles they all deal is fascinating, and the way they deal with them is beautifully written.
In the beginning I didn’t think I enjoy this book.  But I have to tell you that J.D.Miller has some of the most creative writing I have read in a while. I love the fantasy world in this book, it’s a very complex story and would be a great pick for anyone that loves reading about fantasy worlds.
** I was given this book to read in exchange for an honest review.  
Magic Author
J.D Miller is just a little ole Texan living in the motherland – England – with my English husband. Moved here about 3-1/2 years ago leaving all my family & friends back in Texas – parents, brother, 2 daughters, 1 son, 1 talented grandson & 1 gorgeous granddaughter. But, on the bright side, She resumed her writing which had been put on hold for far too long.

“Blood of Kaos is the first. I have learned a lot on this path and my style has changed immensely along the way. I hope that whatever I write you will always enjoy.”

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