Review – New Beginings by Tamala Callaway

New Beginnings: Super Natural Volume 1 by Tamala Callaway




This story is about a family of Vampires who were drawn to a small city because of the youngest female’s search for her life-mate. But there is a killer on the loose that causes the family to search out a group of teenage Witches for assistence with the now known Hybrid. In their journey to destroy the Hybrid, developes even more relationships and strange comradeships. The Witches in turn seek the help of the Vampire family to stop a pack of angry Werewolves from starting a war with them in the city. Three High Schools, three supernatural groups, one county, and a whole lot of Super Natural drama.



Reviewed by Shelley for Sunshine & Mountains

Review Grade: C

I wanted to like this book. It has everything you could want as a paranormal lover with witches, vampires and werewolves. The story has such great potential. Italia gets her family to settle where she can be near the only true love of her life. Then murders start to happen and the vampires are there to help find out what is causing all the trouble. Once they figure it out they have to find a way to approach the kids that are rumored to be witches and enlist their help in defeating the killer. This is where Jarrett,

Italia’s life mate, comes in handy. His sister is friends with the kids that could help them. Meanwhile Jarrett and Italia are falling in love and she hopes this will lead to him being able to accept her as a vampire.

There is so much going on in this story that a lot of details are lost. For all the characters there were, all I could tell you about them is their ages range from 15 to 17. There is no development beyond that, not even a physical description. I expected the werewolves to have a bigger part in the story from the synopsis on Amazon but they were not. I think it would have been better to wait and introduce them in the next book. The killer on the loose was wrapped up too quickly and rather simple for the buildup.

Sometimes I felt as though I was reading from more than one book, in the fact that actions seemed disjointed and not well related to the story as a whole. I did like that all the chapters were titled with whose point of view. It made it easy to follow that person’s thoughts and actions. With a little adjusting of how she put the story together it could become a phenomenal hit. Callaway has a unique story line with the Super Natural series. It has tremendous potential but it could benefit greatly from beta readers and editing.

I will eventually read Love Crazed, the second book in this series because of the uniqueness of the story and hopefully I will get more background on all the characters.

Overall, this book has a very high potential but isn’t coming across right now, but after a few revisions, this book would be outstanding!

** I was given a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.




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