Review: Echos in the Universe – Leonard Goodwin – Memoir in Narrative Poetry!

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Echoes in the Universe

Leonard Goodwin




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In a series of narrative poems Leonard Goodwin places his life experiences as child, husband, father, teacher, social researcher in the context of social events that have shaped our world. These events include The Great Depression, World War II, the War On Poverty, to election of a Black President and time beyond the Mayan Calendar. Later in life he undergoes spiritual experiences including that of transmitting energy to the Earth from the Sound Angel realm. The interplay of everyday and spiritual experiences illustrate how challenges orchestrated by Dark Forces (including childhood traumas and a near death heart attack) can be welcomed and interwoven with opportunities fostered by Light Forces to further spiritual development. This volume is a reminder that each of us is on a spiritual adventure that is grounded in the Earth and echoes in the Universe



Grade: A (4 stars)

This was quite an interesting book. It’s not really a memoir but more a collection of poems that illustrate the life that the author led. It’s a really interesting way to tell this story in a memoir, and I think it really works here. The book isn’t really about the author’s spiritual journey, and isn’t preachy by any means, it’s more a series of pictures formed with words showing the way the author led his life and what he experienced, which can be very spiritual in itself. The author shows us moments in time, dealing with Civil Rights movement and the War on Poverty. He also really gives us a view on our universe that’s not quite what we’re used to seeing. He treated his life as a quest, and as we see the author goes from completely disconnected to finalizing realizing the spiritual energy inside of him. It helps him connect to the people around him. I really enjoyed that element of the book, and slightly wished he was able to touch more on the energy elements and how it affect his life. I think seeing some of the greatest and worst moments of the 20th century though the eyes of Goodwin and worked into narrative poetry was really touching, and really does add something special to the way these memoirs affect the reader. As poetry, it’s quite subjective in the way the reader can take it in and relate to it, and I think that’s especially nice for this memoir, because it allows the reader individually to pull something away from the piece that others might not have really connected with.

Overall, this book deals with a variety of subjects, but all of them are presently in a great way, and written quite well. It’s clear this book took a lot of thought and emotional involvement and I think it resonates with the reader that way.

* I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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