Book Review: Is Black Really Beautiful

    I recently read this book, as I’m trying to read books outside my normal spectrum of fiction, and I was intrigued. The writing is good, the content is though provoking and you leave with a lot more then you came with. But this book isn’t an easy read, this well written book is written as a doctorate thesis. Each statement is made and there is proof and examples to help explain and justify each and every discussion point the author makes. Sometimes books that you SHOULD read, aren’t always the books that you can easily read, and this one is among them. It will not be easy, it’s not a beach read, but it is something that will enrich your life, and broaden your thoughts.

    If you’re looking to read something different, try this, and I promise you’ll learn something. This book is completely based off the author’s life experience is dealing with race issues in her work and in other situations, as well as publications and other research which shows in her pages long bibliography. The book is opinionated, but despite if you share the same opinion, it’s worthwhile to read things from a different viewpoint in order to experience life in a different way. This book does that. For most of us, we never think about race issues, or the if racism is still such a big deal, or what the years of racism have done. This book addresses these issues with a modern take and used real life experiences to back them up and give us some perspective.

    This book opened my eyes, I would’ve never before picked this book off a shelf but I’m glad I did because this book is enlightening and does shake the walls of what I see around me in my life. I think the knowledge base in this book is outstanding and I am glad I was able to experience something like this.

I was surprised at the way the book read after I looked up the author, a poet and author, and saw some of his other work. This is definitely a more academic paper, but the author has years of experience behind him as well as a creative soul. If you’re interested in expanding your reading, try this, and see how life is different viewed through other people’s eyes.

Check out some articles on it if I don’t convince you…


  1. The post is kind of interesting. I like that you want to read outside your normal spectrum, but it seems like you didn’t believe that the author had been through some race issues in her work life. Are you questioning what she has seen and been through? I hope not. But it was still a good post.

    1. Not at all! I’m not questioning anything in this book, it’s well researched will real life experiences. If you read the book, it leaves no room for doubt. I am just trying to relate it the best that I can. I was interested enough to pick it up and read it, but it definitely wasn’t an easy read. It was outside of my comfort zone completely, but it doesn’t mean I was questioning it, just understanding it.

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